The Importance Of Health Care In Africa

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Generally, sanitation is the key to living a healthy life. When resources like running water and vaccines are unavailable it becomes very difficult to manage the health and well-being of people. In some of the poorest places in Africa this is something that they struggle with on a daily basis. All people should be ensured the right to a healthy life and access to health care. The first step to achieving the goals the United Nations has set for 2030 is to first create healthy living and well-being in Africa, building new infrastructure and making vaccinations widely available are the steps that need to be taken to ensure this global goal.
It is virtually impossible to even think about changing other problems of the world before solving the issue
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we know how to manage it. In poor countries, the people would do anything to have the available health care like we have. The people of Africa would be lining up for hours maybe even days if they had the access to vaccinations like the United States does. "Africa is facing challenges in dealing with communicable diseases and in recent years, we have seen the emergence of non- communicable diseases and this requires improved health care systems.” (WHO...Systems). Unfortunately, health care systems are very bad therefore people cannot get the help they need. Maintaining health care can mean a lot more that just sanitation and keeping clean. In this case, a number one struggle for mothers in Africa is death of their children. Watching your child die is single handedly one of the hardest things a mother could go through. Such little steps could be taken to prevent such things because “four out of every five deaths of children under the age of five occur in Sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia -- many are newborn babies whose death could be prevented with simple, inexpensive solutions.” (A Plan...By 2030). If deaths can be easily preventable then why aren’t the people of Africa allowed such resources. To ensure well-being people must be alive. To make the other goals possible you need people to be alive. Improving health care is so important because if children keep dying then who are we planning a future for? To improve the lives of many Africans means that their life could one day be free of poverty and

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