The Importance Of Having Priorities Essay

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The Importance of Having Priorities
Most students play video games on school nights, rather than getting started on homework that was assigned to them by their teacher or professor. The student can end up forgetting to review the material and the assignment. Which could cause the students grades to slip. Rather than picking up a controller, students should pick up a pencil and get to work.
After my mother passed away I had to live my grandmother. My grandmother is a perfectionist, especially when it comes to grades. At the time I was still upset about my mother’s passing, so the only thing that would make me happy was to play Sims 3. I suppose that I liked seeing other people happy, so it made me happy to see the Sims graduate high school and college, get married, and have kids, then see that their kids do the same thing. It was and still is amusing to me.
Every day that he would come home I would take a nap for four hours then play Sims for three hours, then sleep until 5:30 in the morning to wake up for the bus. And the cycle would repeat. Since I did not get my nine hours of sleep I would sleep in class. To this day I am unable to tell you anything that I learned a biology. Somehow I did not fail. But still my perfectionist grandmother did not like the one A, B, the couple of C’s and one D. I did not realize what I was doing until my school had an assembly about GPAs, SAT and ACT scores, and grades, what these meant and how they were important. So that is when I…

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