The Importance Of Having Pets Improve Our Life

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Since thousands of years ago, animals served as companions to our ancestors, albeit mostly for hunting rather than as personal buddies. Nowadays, animals such as dogs and cats mostly enjoy human companionship, and some of them are even pampered than ever.

In return, pets -- or animals in general -- bring joy and positivity to humans. Even if some people do not really own a pet, one can still see them by visiting zoos or watching them through documentaries or social media posts that can either bring a tear to their eye, laugh at their antics, or just be simply amazed of what they are actually capable of doing.

How pets improve your life in scientific aspects

We all already know how having pets can improve our lives. After all, there are various
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Apparently, “dogs are good at prompting social interactions, as mentioned in an article by Jess Bolluyt via

For lovelorn people out there, pets can help improve your lovelife too. In fact, some people found love through the help of animals.

“Having your dog with you may make you feel more confident about approaching someone attractive and asking them for a date, and… you look more approachable, relaxed, or happy when you have your dog with you.”

One survey also said that some people would “perceive you as more caring” if you own a cat -- or perhaps any pet in general. Just be prepared with some people ask about more about your pet, and less about you, though.

Regardless of all these scientific claims of the benefits of pet ownership, most owners would agree that owning pets significantly changed their life for the better.

Of course, these benefits can be achieved in a win-win situation for both owner and pet. As responsible owners, it is important to give our pets the best care and love so that, in return, our pets will provide happiness and unconditional love and loyalty for us for the rest of their

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