Essay about The Importance Of Having Good Art Teacher

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What is the importance of having good art teachers throughout high schools? Having a good art teacher can determine if a high school student goes to college or not. In the other hand a bad teacher can impact the overall interest of a student in specific subjects. Schools need to focus on hiring creative teachers that can improve the overall performance of the students, instead of employing teachers that affect a student’s success.
What kind of inspiration does an art teacher needs to have in order to perform his/her job right? The inspiration might come from the excitement of teaching someone about a new subject, or hoping to get students interested in a subject. Art is a subject that have many different inspirational roots. In this case, if barely any roots are connecting with an art teacher, he/she might not be interested in teaching students a broad range of techniques available to them.
In the other hand, if a teacher familiarity with all of these roots that art can offer, they can excel in their work in preparing students to be more creative; but this knowledge can fall down if the teacher does not have a positive attitude towards students.
Attitude is an important factor of teaching, since the young minds get more inspired by a charismatic teacher. This does not mean to always be the friend of the students, but it means to be there for every student; even if they are bored of a specific art assignment. A good teacher art teacher is going to tailor the way…

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