Extra-Curricular Activities Vs Ap Classes

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Extra-curricular activities, AP classes, and jobs…what do they all have in common? They take vast amounts of time out of a student’s day. Each time I think about students who have to juggle all three of these, one thought always comes to mind- how do they do it? Just considering the load of stress a student who goes to school and takes at least two AP classes, has to stay after school for a sport or a club, and then goes straight to their job has makes me worried for them. Especially seniors; with the pressure put on them for college, it is definitely a struggle for them to have and maintain all three. This is why there should be a study period offered to students who don’t need to take any more required classes. If a study period was offered here at school, students would actually have time to fit in all of their activities and schoolwork without feeling stressed all of the time. Less stress would mean that the students would be in an overall better mood at school, making it a more desirable environment for everyone. For the longest time, I abjured the idea of a study period, believing they were unnecessary. But, that was because the classes …show more content…
People against the idea reason that students will abuse the idea of a study period, rather than take advantage of it. This is a common argument brought up and can be true, but, if there was a study period ever being offered, a student would have to prove that they are actually going to use it for their benefit. It is possible to fail a study period. The cell phone policy is another issue brought up with the study period. If students aren’t using their time wisely, such as on their phone the whole time, then they will simply fail the class. This is only for students who will definitely use the class to their full advantage will take it, such as a student who has many after school

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