The Importance Of Hate Groups

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Through the hate map, there are a large amount of hate groups on the eastern side of United States of America as compared with the western side. They are generally located in large cities such as New Jersey, New York, Washington and more. Reason why there are more hate groups in large cities may be due to the fact that there are more people from different races and country as compared to smaller towns or suburbs. Immigrants will choose large cities to migrate to in order to establish their new life because there are more career opportunities there. Thus, more and more different races people are living in the cities and this leads to the increasing number of hate groups. Hate groups are more prevalent in New Jersey may be due to the high level of poverty. New Jersey rank number 4 for state poverty ranking and have a total of 11.1 of overall poverty rate (Poverty Map, 2016). There is a high level of hate groups in New Jersey too where they rank number 4 out of all states (Minorities Beware: These are the five states with most hate groups, 2015). The statistics showed that there is some degree of correlation between poverty and hate groups. People that are living in poverty may generate hatred to the world and attributing to external …show more content…
According to statistics, there are only a total of 56.8% of the whole population in New Jersey are white while the others are mainly consist of black or African-American, Asian, and more (United States Census Bureau, 2015). This shows that more and more non-white citizens in New Jersey threaten the hate groups and their status is being challenged. Therefore, they begin to unite together in order to launch attack towards other races or populations so that they could maintain a place where there is no other races or population except for white

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