The Importance Of Happiness Is A Choice

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“Happiness is a choice. You are the only person who can make you happy. You 're as happy as you choose to be.” - Rick Warren. Your happiness is bassed on yourself and the effort you decide to put into your happiness. A couple years ago I attended a presentation at my middle school, the speaker was a young lady who was raised with everything handed to her she never had to work for anything in her life. She started off by talking to us about her childhood and how her parents were never home and it was always her, her little brother, and the nanny. The young ladies parents were never home they traveled for work a lot so they spent most of their time in motels across the country. She expressed that growing up with your mom or dad not being around to celebrate your 10th birthday or a Christmas or Thanksgiving was rough on her and her brother and the thrill of opening gifts wasn 't as great as everyone expressed it to be because it was always the same thing every year gifts in the mail. As she grew older she realized she had everything the latest bags or shoes or clothes but she wasn 't happy because her parents …show more content…
They will try and argue the fact that it isn 't in there control or base it on materialistic things such as money or gifts. Many parents who aren 't really in their kids lives focus on the materialistic things to make their kids happy, or people who come from a ton of money believe that their money is the key to their happiness. But quite frankly they 're wrong money or the newest things can 't buy someone happiness because once those things are gone they will have nothing. Because what if they lose all their money one day or there house burns down they will have nothing left to make them happy. People should never ever base their happiness in things that can be taken away in a split second they should base it on the little

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