The Importance Of Handing The Chronically Tardy And Absent Employee At The Workplace

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The purpose of this study is to show the steps of handing the chronically tardy and absent employee in the workplace. This research will explore the steps it took to change the tardy and absent employee to becoming punctual at work. The employee will go through multiple steps to improve their behavior of becoming punctual in the workforce.


Employees coming to work late or calling out has been an ongoing problem and seems to be getting worse as times moves on. Employees who are late on a regular basis are called a chronically tardy employee. A chronically tardy employee is someone who is tardy a lot without any reliable reasons (Nicholson, 2012). Chronic absenteeism of employees is a serious and frustrating problem within the workplace. Employees rationalize excuses such as traffic accidents, wellbeing, and child care. However employees who start to make it a regular habit may disturb the flow of the work being done. All managers are required to keep track of each employee tardy and absent for records. Once the employee exceed to a certain number of trades and absentees the manger must follow certain guidelines to improve the employee behavior. This research will go through the traditional discipline that companies follow to help improve the tardiness and absents of their employees.


To fully understand managing the chronically tardy and absent employee, one must examine all the statistical evidence found relating to the effects of the…

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