The Importance Of Habits To Become A Teacher

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A. What habit do you feel you already possess? Why do you feel you already possess the habit you chose? How will this habit help you become a better teacher? I believe I already possess the habits of enjoying teaching and making a difference. These two habits go hand in hand and I believe you cannot make a difference without enjoying teaching. For example, the article states, “If you only read the instructions out of a textbook, it 's ineffective.” Another hint I have learned at York College is that students can easily tell if you are excited to teach a subject or not. How can a student be excited to learn if the teacher is not inspiring them? I believe I possess these two habits because I have had several jobs and volunteering opportunities where I work with children and people of all ages. I enjoy every moment of teaching these students working with them to throughout the day. I also have a welcoming heart, which is important in making students to feel comfortable. I believe having a welcoming heart …show more content…
First, I have always loved helping people and working with children. Even when I was a little girl, I loved pretending to be a teacher when playing with my friends. I have always loved the idea of making people happy by inspiring them and helping them to reach their full potential. My mom is also a kindergarten teacher. I would not say this is a reason that I wanted to become a teacher, but it has definitely shown me the challenges and rewards of being a teacher. For example, I have seen my mom strive as a teacher and help her students strive as well, even though she is too modest to say she is a good teacher. I have also seen how she accommodates and differentiates her lessons when teaching students with disabilities. Being able to work with students and help out in her classroom helped me to realize how much I love working with people and teaching

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