Integrated Refugee And Immigrant Services

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2. Resume Creation
A resume is a marketing tool whose mandate is to sell the job applicant’s strengths, knowledge, skills, and experience to the company that is recruiting. Due to the very many job applications companies get every day and also the limited vacancies available, knowing how best to structure a resume and attract the eyes of the employer remains a priority. IRIS is dedicated to helping the refugees understand the right ways for creating their resumes and selling their capabilities. IRIS understands that an employer can learn a lot about a job seeker through a resume. That is why its employees ensure the clients come up with a good format, error-free, clean and grammatically correct resume all the time. It also makes sure that the job applicants possess the exact skills and experience stated in their resumes and also on the jobs that need filling. The clients are also advised to have at least two or more resumes, each reflecting on the skills and knowledge that have some difference based on the requirements of the organizations they are applying for the jobs. The aim here it to improve its reputation and make employers
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Some of my responsibilities included making the refugees and immigrants adapt to their new environment, training them, interviewing them, and showing them the right ways of writing resumes as per the jobs’ requirement. I also connected them with various employers in the country. The HR in IRIS is an important body that apart from developing refugees motivates its employees through handsome compensations, benefits and provision of safe working conditions. The HRM in IRIS should ensure its training improves with time and technology. This is the way to increasing its employee’s competencies and providing refugees with professional skills employers in the United States

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