The Importance Of HIV/AIDS Volunteering In South Africa

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HIV/AIDS volunteering in South Africa is an uplifting and rewarding program for both volunteers and patients. Volunteers need to be recognizing that there are various levels of patients need special care, involving babies, children, and those people have lost their parents. As a volunteer, he or she also should take care of ill patients, provide relevant support, and motivate them to be alive. Apart from that, volunteer should also attend community education and offer counselling for those HIV/AID patients and their family members.
Volunteer teaching is a significant program in voluntourism of South Africa. In terms of a historically disadvantaged community, tots need to be well-educated, job hunting people should know a little bit of conversational
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1. Culture Shock between people from different cultures
As for an across abroad program, either HIV/AIDS volunteering or Volunteer teaching in South Africa, it is easy to represent that culture shock is a crucial aspect that volunteers should quite focus on. Although voluntourism is a good chance for helping and interacting with people, some potential conflicts still exist if volunteers neglect. Culture is a huge concept containing language, religion, cuisine, social habits and so forth. Therefore, any problem that appears under any sub culture can contribute to misunderstand of culture or even conflict. Sometimes, when volunteers stay a long period in outside of their own country, they may encounter with the problem of
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Thus, HIV/AIDS volunteering program plays a very important role in the voluntourism, and HIV/AIDS volunteering in South Africa is such a program. In this program, there is not any high requirement of medical background for HIV/AIDS volunteers, and volunteers could come from all over the world with compassion and warm-heart. HIV/AIDS volunteering in South Africa is a good example of social empowerment because it can maintain or enhance the stability of local community. HIV/AIDS volunteers can give those children a home whose parents are suffered from HIV. Volunteers could teach and take care of those children; this program also can reduce some social stresses that come from poverty and unemployment in South Africa. When HIV/AIDS volunteers take care of HIV families, they are living together, and volunteers will keep encouraging the patients and families, give them a positive attitude, and what volunteers strive to do is a key to maintain the stability of the local community, because some HIV patients lost the hope of living will lead to revenge society, and some children will become negative person because of losing families, when the volunteers coming, they bring hopes to these

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