The Importance Of Guns On Campus

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Due to all the recent disturbances of violent shootings on college campuses, many have argued that both students and teachers should be allowed to carry a concealed handgun on campus to defend themselves. These people who are suggesting this are only thinking about their own safety and not thinking about the consequences that will flourish due to guns on campus. Guns on campus would not only lead to an escalation in violent crimes, but will lead to an increase in the number of suicides by college students. Guns on campuses would also distract from a learning environment. Imagine how uncomfortable most students would feel knowing that one of their classmates may or may not be carrying a weapon of their choice around campus. Just the normal environment …show more content…
In “Why Our Campuses Are Safer Without Concealed Handguns,” the author discusses how more guns on campuses would create additional risk for students. The author states “alcohol is involved in 95% of the violent crimes on campus (38). Imagine now having the combination of alcohol and guns at the same time, a very dangerous mix. The author also mentions that suicide is a serious issue in college life, and that “suicide attempts are successful more than 90% of the time when a firearm is used (43). The comparison between having and not having a firearm makes a huge difference in what can happen in a situation. Permitting guns on college campuses will only cause an unsafe environment for students to be in. When it comes to school, that is probably one of the best places to share and express your ideas, allowing guns on campuses will end up detracting from a healthy learning environment. Usually on a day-to-day basis, there are plenty of class discussions that tend to get heated up. Imagine now knowing the fact that there might be a student or professor with a firearm in their possession. Students will begin to feel uncomfortable to speak out in class or even say their own opinion because they wouldn’t want to get the wrong person mad. There are plenty of people out there who have a short fuse and if

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