The Importance Of Gun Violence In Education

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In the past few years there has been issues concerning with violence especially gun violence, rape, and theft. One of the most famous and disastrous events that occurred recently due to gun violence cost the lives of 20 children in Sandy Hook Elementary School back in 2012. Events like these have been coming back to back, shootings in theatres, schools, and shopping centers, it came to the point where the law and the country started to take action. Although, many states have enforced laws such as gun control violence and crime hasn’t quite vanished. Maybe the answer isn’t stricter laws but improvement in education. Moreover, one of the best examples is the state of Illinois or more specifically the city of Chicago. Chicago has one of the most strict gun laws across the country and even so till this day is one of the most violent cities in the country: Not a single gun shop can be …show more content…
invested in education more. As stated before more people that are educated the less crimes that are committed. Even costs of crime would be reduced if the value of education increases “Increasing the high school completion rate by just 1 percent for all men ages 20-60 would save the U.S. up to $1.4 billion per year in reduced costs from crime” (Moretti). An educational reform like Finland’s could be possible if the money from the costs of crime is used in education instead. As more students graduate or receive an education crime rates gradually start decreasing “A one-year increase in average years of schooling reduces murder and assault by almost 30%, motor vehicle theft by 20%, arson by 13% and burglary and larceny by about 6%” (Moretti). If America follows the same steps as the other great countries such as China America will soon be a haven for everyone. One day America will be successful in being a diverse, prosperous, well educated, and safe country. It only takes one step at a

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