The Importance Of Growing Up Unprepared

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Growing Up Unprepared What we all see as the future just slowly becomes the present before our eyes. This makes being prepared for that time to come much more important than most would think. Our parents help us grow up prepared for the little reality we know about, but what completely forces reality to be a complete surprise is school. Primarily school is supposed to set you up for college and adulthood, though nowadays schools only give you a view of reality from a middle-school standard. You follow the same set of rules from middle-school all they way until graduation, where you join college and become overwhelmed for what school has never prepared you for. Freedom, work, bills, the actual “Real World” that nothing but your parents have …show more content…
The world competes for jobs, and only well studied kids come on top to snag the better, more well paying jobs while kids who were not motivated to do any work in school whatsoever end up with low paying jobs. Some teachers do not come to school motivated to actually teach and make their kids learn. Simply stating a lesson and expecting them to understand is a very wrong and incorrect way to teach in a high school workplace. This is where they should be learning. The teachers job, believe it or not, is to help students understand and learn what they will need to know in the future, especially in small public schools, this gives rise to more possibilites to learn when the teacher can communicate with you much easier.
No school does anything equally. They consist of different teachers, rules, and environments, giving different students particular advantages and disadvantages, when entering life after high-school. Some schools have exceptionally easy grading teachers that practically hand out passing grades, while other teachers barely pass extremely excellent working kids. This however is not an easy fix without a large scale plan to make a global grading procedure. If we had an equal way to balance teachers and school policies, kids would have more of an equal chance in the
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They will become overwhelmed with homework and their studies, if they do not do these things one would fail and be kicked out of college. On top of that students have to work to pay for, schooling, possibly rent, food, and the list can go on and on. This means a simple report card really doesn 't mean anything when it comes to high-school but society is so taken by high-school grades and how important they are, when the real important thing is actually learning something worthwhile.
Another way to improve college readiness is to stress to high-schoolers about how important knowing the classes you need to take is. When they become freshmen the kids will more than likely put it off and not care, but it is essential to keep reminding them. A kids school life will greatly lead up to whatever it is they want to become when they are older. It is also an important reminder that these kids some teachers refuse to help or teach and move on with the lesson, these kids will be running the world in just a matter of years to

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