The Importance Of Growing Up In The Military

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I come from a family that is rich in military respect. I grew up with my parents being married until I was in high school and I have 8 siblings. Most of the men in my immediate family are in a branch of service, mostly the Army. We have a strong sense of duty and love for our country. I say we because even though the women aren’t serving in the military we serve beside our husband, brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and nephews. This is a common belief from anyone who family in any branch of the military, it’s because we support our soldiers and take care of things at home if they’re serving.
It’s a bittersweet situation being a part of an Army family. We get to move around the U.S. and meet a ton of people this makes it easier to relate
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That of course is both the best and worst feeling in the world. Of course we battle with fear and pride, joy, terror, uncertainty, and overwhelming relief when they get to come home safely. So many aspects of growing up in a military family have filtered into my adult life. This ranges from the kind of man I’m married to and my opinions, feelings, sense of time, and the support of our military, how I feel about guns, how wanted to raise my daughter, how I treat other people, the ability to see things from more than one perspective and so many more things. I have respect for any person who serves in any capacity for the benefit of more than themselves such as military, police, firefighters, first responders. This is because it takes a certain mindset of people to put their life on the line for people they don’t know under a sense of duty and …show more content…
I have been to so many schools in different places that I feel I have seen a ton of different teaching methods first hand across many regions of the state. I think this will help me think outside the box when it comes to teaching students from different cultures and backgrounds. I know growing up in a military family will influence my classroom. I have a fair but firm approach to teaching. I love kids and I plan to build a class community. I plan to do this by having a classroom run with respect of each person. I will find value in each of my students and lead by example. I will I like schedules but I like flexibility more because I feel like you have to be willing to teach about subject from more than one angle. This maybe one of my rebellious traits against the military lifestyle, I don’t want to break rules I just want to teach with an open mind towards the many different learning styles of students today. One thing I like about the military is the way people of every race and culture are together and work as such. I feel like this generation of students has lost respect for teachers, other students, themselves, and the institution of learning. I hope to bring some of that back to them while they’re in my classroom, hoping further that it will filter out into other aspects of their

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