Group Processes And Their Effect On Group Process Analysis

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TASK 1 2
TASK 2 4
Introduction 4
Group processes and their effect on group function 4
Conclusion 7
TASK 3 8

1. Describe two situations where working in group is appropriate and inappropriate.
a. Appropriate
Example Explanation
The task assigned is complex and involves different topics. Working in group is appropriate because each member can analyse one particular topic without interfering with the others.
The task assigned has a short time limit to be completed. Working in group is appropriate because, by equally dividing the work among the members, the task will be completed quicker than
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vii. Considering strategies to avoid groupthink leaders should avoid stating their position on the issue prior to the group; also they could bring outside experts to evaluate the group process.

viii. Team life cycle
1) Birth stage: the group is formed and goes through the enrolment of group members, preparation and holding of the first meeting, agreement on purpose, agenda and initial process.
2) Early childhood stage: group members get to know each other and establish areas of similarity in beliefs and values. Group roles are established.
3) Schooldays stage: the group allocates tasks and starts working. Group members are keen to participate and establish their presence.
4) Teenage adjustment stage: differences in the group emerge, personalities become more defined and positions are taken. Limits on tasks may be set and purposes and processes may be redefined.
5) Maturity stage: group members recommit to the group purpose at a deeper level, they establish ways to increase the group identity, accept differences and resolve conflicts. Specific outcomes are clarified in a stated
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Once moved to my new place I was more relieved and relaxed, therefore I could better contribute in group decisions. 1. During group meetings I was more distracted and nervous. This created some conflict, which led to time loss.

2. I happened to have apartments’ viewings coinciding with group meetings, which I had to leave temporarily and, therefore, I was unable to give my contribution. ii) A couple of friends and I used to organise and play fantasy-football involving other 17 players. Every new season we used to discuss about improvements to add in the rules and it happened several times to disagree on some details. We had, therefore, to discuss until we reached an agreement. 1. More points and ideas were added in the discussion which helped us improving the rules even more.

2. The final satisfaction after solving all the disputes strengthened the group cohesion. 1. Some of the time spent discussing could have been used more fruitfully.

2. During the discussions the situation is tense, which leads to express opinions under pressure.

b) Strategies for reducing the impact of conflict on group function.
Strategy and definition Example of how it was used to reduce the impact of conflict on the group

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