The Importance Of Group Practice

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Register to read the introduction… Managed care, relationship are stronger because personalized care-does not interfere with organizational dependence and practitioners are often self employed. Secondly, Group practice consist of three or more providers/physicians share income, expanses, facilities, equipment, medical records which support personnel through services via a formal, legally constituted organization. Equipment and personnel jointly used for physicians to provide medical care, consultation, diagnosis and or treatment. Thirdly, Institutionally based ambulatory services: Clinic/walk in and emergency room Ambulatory surgery centers: independent of hospitals and provide full range of services/surgery /outpatient/ office such as oral, plastic, ophthalmology surgery.

Emergency Medical Service: accessible 24 hours a day
Government program/Community health centers: Community mental health center/for farm workers, the national health service corps, the veterans administration , the Indian health service on Indian reservations, provide family oriented health care for free or collect fees from insurance company.
Non institutional and public health services: home health services/practitioner s visiting the patient in their home for people to remain in their
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Veteran's administration hospitals and military facilities are operated by the federal government, the ones that are owned by for profit business can be publicly or privately held by means of issue stock and equity position and can be affect by a accountability, registration rules and regulations. For profit hospital are part of large multihospital chains/publicly traded, generally administered by the securities and exchange commission at the federal level and stated level at similar entities. Hospitals can be owned by nonfederal, nonprofit ( largest grouping ) for profit or by state and local …show more content…
For example, condition such as pneumonia were considered to be a definite hospital stay case. These days with the advance drug treatment, patients can rest and be cared at home. Once it has reach the level where patient is safe to recover at home for an illness/disease, cost factor is one main focus for increased ambulatory services. This does not lessen the importance of hospital/inpatient care for patient who really require hospital stay, rather, facilitate to vacant rooms in a crowded setting for the truly needed

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