The Importance Of Group Development Model

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Our task involves running the largest car industry that consists of taking multiple challenges of meeting customer’s expectation, challenges of designing, manufacturing and commercial. We will be operating in two regions beginning with region one, in four cars segments. As group we have responsibility of critical management of enhancing our manufactures and selling several rages of cars that consists; low cost car, family, Eco-friendly and image.
Our main duty will be facing several decision making process according to selecting appropriate strategy and managing resources in marketing, car manufacture, engineering and employees moral. It is very important to particularly taking the following into account when implementing the right decision.
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(Glowacki- Dudka and Barnett, 2007) When reflecting I consider to look multiple perspective while maintaining open active of thoughts to draw understanding. Through this examination group collective assumption and consequence of the work goes according to group development phase without comprehending. Tuckman describes our co-operation and it is very learning experiences. (Riebe, et al. 2010) The group development launch with creating group bond and relationship to agreement (Forming). Establishing our similarity as well as agreeing on commons goals (storming). At the start we have straggled on not being a clear on what we suppose be doing; therefore we have agreed to read the guidelines (Norming).We become collaboratively and seen a great progression. …show more content…
Bandura (1997:492) proposed self-efficacy and group collective efficacy and makes a clear distinguish between them. Self-efficacy refers to individuals believes and abilities toward accomplishing goals; whereas collective efficacy states group collective perception, believes and performance toward achieving goals. (Dithurbide, et al. 2009) the approach toward group collective efficacy was supportive and enables us to progress because of great input into task from large member of team. This was different experiences personally, with no division of task and I was really keen toward this collaboration.
Functional theory of group decision making / Rational decision making theory- Decision making plays a critical role in the simulation game where the right decision implemented gives right direction to achievement. The group decision takes in place despite, it might be influenced by difficulties as well as conflict of interest in allocating our resource effectively. Function theory by Gouran and Hirokaw in 1983: Salazar, 2012) suggest the effectiveness of group decision making is not affected by the creation certain communication behavior, which then they proposed some criteria’s that group need to

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