The Importance of Greenspaces Essay

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DRAFT: The Importance of Urban Greenspaces
Joe Green
Strayer University
July 1, 2015



Draft: The Importance of Urban Greenspaces

My community and I have benefited from urban greenspaces in various ways. Interfacing with nature via greenspaces is significant to me personally for several reasons. I chose to write about urban greenspaces because parks and forests were a very important aspect of my childhood, I have observed how the disparity of greenspaces between communities affects them, and because my exposure to greenspaces has provided me with a valuable relationship with the natural world.

Growing up in a rural area, the majority of my childhood activities were dependent on the parks
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Eventually, I compromised and spent less and less time outdoors. It was then that I realized the deficit of outdoor recreation I was experiencing was the norm in many urban communities and that most children don’t have the opportunities that I had to experience nature and the benefits of greenspaces. The more that I contemplated this issue I began to observe and learn about the unequal distribution of greenspaces amongst communities that oftentimes correlates with wealth. It struck me as wildly unjust that the children in some communities are able to gain an invaluable relationship and understanding of the natural world, while the children on the other side of the city were not able to experience this relationship.

My affection and curiosity towards plants and animals is the most important product of my experiences in nature and greenspaces. My experiences growing up shaped my philosophy as an environmentalist and inspired me to constantly learn more about the natural world. In the current state of the world, it is even more important that citizens develop a relationship with nature and an opinion about environmental issues. Many aspects of the natural world are currently threatened by human activities and most people’s response to the environmental degradation is not proportional to the amount of damage being done to the natural world. I believe that if every person were given the opportunity to develop a

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