The Importance Of Gravity Concrete Dam

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Dam is an important way of water-resources utilization in large rivers. Dam construction has played significant roles in flood control, irrigation, navigation, and energy supply; however, the enormous negative effects, such as landslides, ecological problems, and water quality decline, could surpass positive gains. In these days, the water has become the most important need of everyone. In the monsoon season, there is over amount of water.
Because of no facility of storage of water, this amount of water is being wasted. On the other side, in the summer season, there is no water for daily use only. So, our main concept for this project is to give better storage system of water to all villagers and to keep water in storage & use it in every season.
The present
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Gravity dam is generally straight in plan and in case of special cases, it may be slightly curve.
4.2 Base Line of the Dam or Axis of the Dam
 If the upstream face in sloping is considered as the reference line for layout, the line of ilie upstream face of the dam or line of the crown of the dam is termed as base line of the dam or axis of the dam.
4.3 Cross-section of Gravity Concrete Dam
 For any suitable conditions, gravity dam may be constructed to greater heights.
Grand Dixence dam in Switzerland is highest concrete gravity dam and its height is
284 m and highest concrete gravity dam in India is a Bhakra dam with a height of
 In such structure, the ratio of base width to height is less than 1.1. Fig. shows a typical cross-section of concrete dam (Gravity).
 To release the uplift pressure, a drainage gallery is provided with respect to base of the dam as shown in Fig. The upstream face of concrete dam may be vertical throughout the height of a dam or partly kept slanting for some of its length as shown in Fig. uplift pressure is caused by the seeping water.
4.4.2 Ice

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