Media Violence: The Benefits Of Video Games

It is common knowledge among many Americans that political power often times reaches too far; we find this in the form of a corrupt justice system, unethically mitigated national funds, and the shadow of political tyranny encroaching upon our basic rights. Perhaps my examples align with that of a romanticized freedom fighter, but everyday we see news portraying peoples ' disdain towards government involvement. Similarly, with the advent of stricter regulations on video games, we would see a large group of people, namely gamers, rear their heads in anger. You see, with a grip on the gaming market, what is to stop the government from eventually violating other forms of entertainment & media such as the internet, the movie industry, and television? …show more content…
I then went on to point out that restricting the creative process during game development could lead to restrictions in other artistic areas. Finally, I talked about the benefits of video games and how regulations would lead to losing those benefits. As a lifelong gamer and movie buff, I can confidently recollect upon video games that told stories worthy of Oscars, that fleshed out characters and built connections to those characters rivaled by only the most exalted of directors. Whilst movies have made me stop and think about the world and everything in it, video games have allowed me to think in identical ways and forced me to make decisions I would otherwise never make in my life. From the psychological reality of what it is to make devastating decisions in Spec Ops: The Line to the hauntingly corrupt phrase “Would you kindly?” of Bioshock, the best video games rival the best books, movies, plays, or television shows with the added benefit of allowing the user to place themselves in the space of those characters. Mankind needs these forms of art to experience what has never been a reality: the opportunity to make the decisions that will affect the outcome of a story and experience those outcomes from the first person perspective. Video games should be regulated on a certain level, but not to the extent that some people advocate for. People should be allowed to decide on their own what they play and do not play just as we choose what we wear, eat, and do on a daily basis. At the end of the day, it is your decision whether or not you press

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