The Importance Of Government Privacy

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Will the government go too far and give us no privacy at all and track our every move. According to the government we are not being tracked at all and the government is only doing this to protect the majority of the people to the criminals that wonder around us. The democratic government we have presented the people to protect us from any law that is not legal. We also have the constitution to protect us against the agencies that try to not give us any privacy. People think that the government is getting to strong or are turning out to be like Big Brother like in the book 1984 by George Orwell. However the government has proof that they have only used it for good other than what people think like spying on us threw mirrors or televisions. …show more content…
Then the only way is if you have an ongoing call that the other phone is tracking you. But you can be tracked only if you give permission to the cell services otherwise the government needs a warrant to get access to it. The only thing they can do to your phone is shut down your phone or makes it play dead. So they cannot hack into your camera and see where you are and what you are doing. However you can be hacked by some stranger with a camera and your information. So you can be tracked threw almost anything and you need to be able to take out your battery so that you cannot be tracked or monitored. The other choice is for you to not get a phone or computer or any other electrical device.
Some people argue that the government uses cameras to monitor if we are at work or at school. But if you do ditch school or work why doesn’t the government come and get you at your house or where you are at? People do not know if they can be watched by the government. The truth is you are whenever you are out in public and the cameras are monitored by police departments for speeding cars, and robberies. But the cameras around the stores or banks are private cameras and the only way into the cameras is if they are actually inside their security room and you can only get that for an active

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