Digital Transformation Strategy

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government Digital Transformation Strategy
High-level themes

Redefining the relationship between the citizen and the state

Trust between citizen and state is essential for civic engagement and for the effective delivery of public services. government needs to work to build trust in the political process, in the civil service, and the services it will deliver. Digital gives government the tools it needs to do this, and this will be central pillar of this digital strategy.

Citizens are our users, and we want to build services that put users first. In some cases, this will entail end-to-end redesign. We need to ensure citizens find it a positive and simple experience to interact with government digitally. To support this, departments will
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Modern government needs to capitalise on new technology; on the new ways we have of finding meaning and use for data. This will help us deliver;

the right outcomes for citizens better customer service - we need to meet people 's increased expectations and be better at meeting user needs improved efficiency - we need ensure we are working in an agile way and can respond quickly to and adapt to continuous change

The UK needs to retain its status an international leader in digital government. Eventually, we want everything that the government does to be digital. This doesn 't mean that everything needs to be a digital service. It also means digital tools and techniques being used across completely across government.


User experience should be the same, no matter what part of government services came from. We will reaffirm the government 's commitment to focusing on user needs and delivering excellent digital services that everyone can - and will want to - use.

Transformation isn 't just about websites. It also means the transformation of back-end activity, and channels that aren 't 'online
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National dialogue on data and identity

Government departments have been using and a sharing data for a long time. Data is essential for the running of government. It 's also at the heart of digital transformation.
GDS has been working hard to make data open, and to build up the data science capability across government. This work is vital, and must continue.

Data sharing and identity will become more critical for building better services as work continues to move between departmental boundaries.

This will bring existing security and privacy issues around data sharing into focus. Data sharing across departments can only be successful when there is confidence in identity matching. Different parts of government need to be confident that they are talking about the same person when they work together.

To enable this, we will;

reiterate the need for APIs and data access everywhere - data shouldn 't be copied, it needs to be securely available for everyone who needs

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