The Importance Of Good Hygiene And Hair

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Having good hair is ultimately related to good hygiene and beauty. If you have good hair, you are admired and envied by many. How do you know that you have good hair? What builds your confidence about your hair? It seems to all start with external factors, the words, and relations people use to describe you. You begin to relate the facial expressions, gestures, and word usage to positive and negative factors. If the words used have been related to positivity, it begins to build your confidence unconsciously; if negatively described, it will deter confidence. The multiple terminologies used in society to describe hair can cause long-term insecurities in children and ultimately women, who believe that they do not have good hair.
I have never
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Wearing their own hair (chemically unbothered) is referred to as being natural. The natural trend has neutral ground in the good or bad field; it depends on who’s judging. The same terms are used to describe natural hair such as nappy, puffy, thick, or curly. Women that embrace their natural hair have often determined that they have good hair and they are not afraid to wear it publicly. Wearing weave to enhance beauty by hiding your own hair proves that women have become more submissive to the negative factors that have been related to African American …show more content…
When advertising a product such as a perm, they would most likely show a sad little girl with her hair displayed erratically. After she receives a perm, you would see a happy little girl with straightened hair that has seemly regained her confidence. The viewers will relate her hair to her happiness; in other words, relate having good hair as a standard of happiness. This provides poor intellect and encourages people to change who they are; therefore, making African American women feel that once they change their outside appearance they will become happier. Society should use media to teach people to love their hair and embrace their differences. It should influence people to spend more time learning how to accept their own hair; and not be pressured by the surrounding negative things that are used to describe their hair. Hair should not determine beauty nor

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