Get Good Grades Essay

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Kids yelling, teacher screaming, airplanes flying across the room. I can remember middle school like it was yesterday. I was like any other kid in my class, I goofed around and wasn’t trying my best to get good grades. The little effort showed when I got my progress reports. All my grades were below a C and I wasn’t very proud of myself and neither were my parents when I showed it to them. It was after this incident that I realized that good grades weren’t going to fall from the sky directly onto my hands, I had to earn them by working hard and trying my best. When my classes began, I had earned decent grades, mostly B’s, C’s, and a couple of D’s. As the year went by, I met new people that were in my class. Most of them were the type of kids that would rather have fun instead of doing work and get good grades. I began to get to know them better as time went by and as a result I kind of began becoming one of them. I began to slack off on my classwork and homework. I just sat in my seat doing nothing like the rest of my friends in class. I watched my teacher send out kids who were disrupting class and talking back to the teacher one by one. I remember a kid who sat beside me that always ate in class. I remember him always eating Hot Cheetos. The crunching sound he made sounded like a person walking over an endless …show more content…
I was oblivious of what was going on in my classes. I had no idea that me actually deciding to do my work during middle school would have changed me completely to the person I am today. After I have received my very first straight A’s, I’ve never gotten anything below a C since. If I hadn’t decided to change my old ways, I would have probably struggled in all my classes during high school and probably wouldn’t be in college right now. I did not expect that the one decision I made would alter my future completely. I am very glad I chose a path of my own instead of following the path my old friends

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