The Importance Of Good And Evil In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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Within society there is good and evil. Sometimes the good overrule the evil while at other time it’s reverse. It all comes down to one’s morality and inner strength. Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne express the ruling of evil within mankind. In the story Brown has to face something in the forest but his wife mentions she is a afraid to have bad thoughts, but prayer will help strengthen one’s soul that fears. On his journey in the forest he meets and old man with a serpent on the staff. Then the two come across a woman named Goody Cloyse that is a respected person within the village. Goody Cloyse reveals the old man as the devil and herself as a witch going to the ceremony within the forest. Brown is awaken by familiar voices and …show more content…
Brown sees evil within everyone in the village. This caused his to believe that there was no good in the world but only evil. He stray from faith and live forever in “gloom and fear” (p 744). This is the work of the devil getting through to one who can’t resist the wickedness anymore. he believes that every human being is bad and that the earth he is living on is only hell within hell.

The one character I found interesting was Goodman Brown because he claims that his family were good and loyal men. To his knowledge the devil calls his family out, revealing all the evil, harm, and deals the made with the devil. I guess you can say his family danced with the devil. In the end of the story I sensed that Goodman Brown was evil himself because he eventually took the devil staff with the serpent on top. Taking the path toward evil showed his weaken morality within faith.

Honestly there wasn’t anything in the story i did not like. I was intrigued by everything and in the end i had a wow moment. Analysing what I read led to something bigger, something i didn’t expect to happen. Us as human can’t tell if someone is evil because the devil can appear as anyone “though the elder person was as simply clad as the younger” (p 737). It conveys a suggestions that everyone has evil deep

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