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As I reflect on the past as to why I want to go back to college, I remember sitting in my
Director’s office at work, talking to her about our department, and the increasing number of assignments she is being handed down. I remember her telling me that she was going to need help with the department if she was going to be expected to do all of her work, plus the other work load being added. I left out of her office to get ready to leave my shift, thinking about what she had said. I thought about all of the experience I had but hadn’t ever been given the opportunity to really prove myself or take on a higher responsibility. Before I left that day I stopped back by her office and told her that if she decided that she did
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She said that she wanted to hire me as a supervisor but she had to wait for the position to be approved and created. In the process of being in her office and talking with her I asked if I had to have some kind of degree for the position. She told me I didn’t for the supervisor position but if I wanted to be placed into a higher position I would. That is when the brainstorming started.
I went home that day and talked to my husband about it and asked what his opinion was. He thought the idea was great, but then we ran into a wall, our finances. We currently live paycheck to paycheck, which at one time was not a problem. Going back five years, I worked for
AT&T, making sixteen dollars an hour. We were living pretty well not having to worry about our finances. In 2011 I was told by my Family Doctor that if I didn’t find a different job I would have a stroke. I was much stressed and my body couldn’t handle working there anymore. I was called by Dr. Sheila Hill to work for her. She informed me that she would teach me all I needed to know to be her Medical Assistant. I had to really pray about this. I would be taking a huge
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Later in 2012 my husband and I filled bankruptcy. My husband blamed me a lot for this because of the huge pay cut I had taken. We went from being able to purchase three to four hundred dollars of groceries to maybe fifty dollars of groceries every couple of weeks.
Three years after starting work with Dr. Sheila Hill my hours started being cut. I went two weeks without working and no pay. I knew there was no way I could take this kind of pay cut. On the days I had off I would go around town applying everywhere I could imagine, just trying to find anything I could, whether I liked the job or not. I was called by the ER supervisor, Vickie
Richards, at Woodland Heights Medical Center for an interview. I was given a job as an ER

registrar. This meant another pay cut, I went down to eleven dollars an hour this time. I knew this was better than no paycheck and being forced to take off of work with no pay.
I started working at Woodland Heights Medical Center in December of 2014. It is now April of
2016; I love my job and what I do. I know I have more potential and the only way to move up anywhere and better myself and my family is to go back to school and get a degree. I know

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