The Importance Of God Calling I

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God Calling IV
How does one retire when there is no biblical precedent for retirement? Some of the most faithful work recorded in Holy Scripture was undertaken by people called by God in their senior years, not to mention the conception of babies for God’s special purposes! Shirley says she has no sense of calling for a Sarah experience! Together we have eighty-four years of pastoral experience with complementing gifts that have allowed us to share in a wide range of ministries. Each parish has called us into a different emphasis in ministry ranging from front line evangelism to discipleship conference work, grief and healing prayer ministry, and providing pastoral
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Even if something came available, we had no indication that our work in the north was complete. Working on the street is a never ending demand for ministry dealing with the needs of up to sixty people daily and ten thousand meals yearly. Beyond that was a deep love for the north and the many friendships over seventeen years which made the thought of leaving incredibly hard to even consider. We started to pack up and get ready for the seven-hour trip north and put all the stuff that was too big for us to deal with out of our minds. God was not calling us from or to anything, and we were convinced He would do that even in retirement because there is no such thing as retirement in kingdom living, just a season of new opportunity! Shirley has always been the one to venture out and investigate or test the water where as I am hesitant to complicate life with decisions that don`t call out to be made. However, on this early morning, I heard myself saying, “Check out the listings in Carman before we leave.” She did, and there was a new listing that had come on that morning exactly in our price range. At a glance, we both could see that it met over three quarters of the criteria that would be important to us. We phoned and made the first appointment of the morning to see the home. It was well cared for and attractive on the outside. Inside, it felt like a rectory built in the eighties with the color beige everywhere! Better still, it needed no major work and was available within a month and a half. We had about a ten minute appointment. This was just enough time to have a quick walk around and ask a few questions. I said to the agent, “When is the next appointment for this house?” “In fifteen minutes” he replied, “and there is another for this early afternoon.” “It won`t last long” I said. “Nope” he

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