Athletes: The Importance Of Goal Setting

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Every individual has to set the goal in their life in order to achieve it, let it be an ordinary person, artist or sports person. Goal setting helps individual to set mind and work hard to achieve the goal. Goal setting is a powerful technique as it helps the athlete to focus on what they should and avoid unwanted barriers that stop them to do so. Goal settings are divided into 2 which are process goals and product goals. Process goals focus on emphasizing more actual acts of performing where the athletes are still in learning process. On the hand product goal emphasize more on the outcome of the performance, for instance, the winning the league championship. How can athletes improve using goal setting? According to psychology today, there few principles that have to be followed in order to have effective goal …show more content…
The athlete has to perform the imagery skill till they get it right. It allows them to see themselves from inside the body looking out. They have to practice the reasonable situation, for instance, if they are playing badminton at the school level, he or she can imagine themselves playing for World Cup.
2) Quality, not quantity. Imagery session can't be done all the time. 3-4 times a week is more than enough as it is tiring. The athlete has to set a specific time on when to perform imagery session. It is important to have control on it and avoid negative image to pop in and hurt themselves or that can degrade their motivation.
3) Set the scene. It is important for the imagination to be as realistic as possible. It's illogical for a young athlete to imagine like a pro or Olympian. They can imagine as if them performing in rain, storm, hot or cold weather.
4) Plan your imagery. In order to benefit from the imagery, one should plan the content so that they can meet their current needs. If they are struggling in particular skills, they should imagine those skills with full confidence. They have to be relaxed to avoid

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