Global Environmental Leadership

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Part one: What do you think the essential elements are for global environmental leaders?
What criteria does the global environmental leader must to achieve? In my opinion, a general leader or a particular global environmental leader, who have strategic vision, sophisticated knowledge, dynamic, creative power and assertion at work and have a great influence on the community. To achieve that, global environmental leader must be healthy, intelligent, wise and wonderful skill on communication.
A leader, who launch the very important decisions, which have tremendous impact on community, so they must have a very good background science knowledge. A good leader should have deep knowledge and skills on at least one academic field, and capacity to grasp the problem from a
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Sense of responsibility is the motive power for me to be always good to finish my work the best I can. The optimistic spirit and daring to accept the challenges to help me breakthrough, move forward and forward. Thenceforward, I will archive more success in the role of a global environmental leader.
Another important essential element that a global environmental must have is the very good leadership to combine the power of everyone. Whether you are extremely talent, you cannot complete well the environmental leader’s tasks if you do not have the help from colleagues. As, everyone have the private potential for some indicated field. If a I how to combine the strengths of associates I will achieve success. To do that, the global environmental leader must have the excellent communication skills, and behave kindly forward everyone. I always reminder myself that, a leader is not mighty.
In conclusion, I assert that the essential elements for a good environmental leader are healthy, sophisticated scientific knowledge, steady and extensive empirical knowledge, enthusiasm and great

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