The Importance Of Global Crime

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Register to read the introduction… Given the secretive and complex nature of global crime it is a difficult area for sociologists to study. Furthermore investigating global crimes such as cybercrime requires specialist skills and thus the sociologist may be reliant on secondary sources which bring their own problems in terms of validity and reliability etc. It is also the case that research on global crime may be dangerous as it involves powerful and dangerous individuals. All of the above makes it very hard for sociologists to understand and track global …show more content…
First, there is the question of whether something made possible by globablisation is a crime at all. For example, 2010 saw the emergence of the website, Wikileaks, which released hundreds of thousands of confidential US cables from American embassies around the world on a range of sensitive political issues. Disclosing secret information is not a new crime, but the way, extent and speed with which it could be done is a result of the internet and new telecommunications. The US government views Julian Assange who founded the site as a criminal, whereas others see him as a crusader for democracy in an era in which US power and globalisation makes transparency about the actions of governments …show more content…
successful transportation of drugs from abroad leads to an increase in drug related offences in local areas which effects all those living in particular localities.
Alongside the debate over whether globalisation has led to an increase in crime, there is some disagreement over whether globalisation has led to changes in the types of crime committed or whether ultimately it has simply given people more opportunity to carry out pre existing crimes in new ways which may bring them greater rewards.
Castells (2010) and Karofi and Mwanza (2006) argue that globalisation has led to new opportunities for crime and new types of crime emerging. Chapman and Steel (2011) argue that new cybercrimes have developed out of the growth of the internet, including financial scams, credit card fraud, identity theft and phishing, and politically motivated crime such as hacking and terrorist websites.
Other crimes that have become more prominent due to globalization include an increase in the international drugs trade, including the buying and selling of illegal drugs, human trafficking and money

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