Genetically Modified Foods Ethical

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Since birth, food has been an essential needs. In the past, food would take awhile to harvesting and was hard to get from hunting. Nowadays, technology has allowed the mass production of food. Unfortunately, the market took advantage of this technology by not letting the consumers know what the food contains. This is created the birth of Genetically Modified
Organisms, also known as GMOs. GMOs are organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) had been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating or natural recombination (“Food
Safety: Frequently…”). They are now commonly used in most foods. Most people are unaware that some of their favorite food products are made from GMOs, especially in the fast food industry. Although Genetically Modified
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The USA produced 68% and Canada produced 7% of the world’s GMOs crops.
This makes people suspicious that there could be something in major GMO companies are not telling them. Without labels on GMOs products, it violates and harms the right to know what is in the foods. The consumer has a right to know the ingredients even if GM foods are 100% safe. It is hard for the consumers to tell the regular foods and GM foods apart. If they put labels in their food products, people with allergies and who are oppose for GMOs could easier avoid their foods that might put them in jeopardy. For instance, Gary Hirshberg is the chairman of Stonyfield, the organic yogurt company, who think that is not fair and right. On October, he partnered with Just
Label It, a national coalition of nearly 450 organizations that currently petitioning the FDA to give consumers a choice. (Mount) Though, after many suggestions and elections to vote on banning GMOs or labelling laws, it is almost impossible to stop the production of GM foods since Genetically Modified Organisms are so widespread in the food industry. “Like it or not, genetically modified foods are almost impossible to avoid,” said Sheldon Krimsky, a

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