The Importance Of Genetically Modified Foods? Essays

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The Importance Of Genetically Modified Foods
Most people do not even realize that the food they are eating on a daily basis is genetically modified. The majority of the food sold in all supermarkets has been genetically modified. In fact, an article written by Gary Hirshberg states that “genetically engineered soy makes up 90%-plus of the soybeans grown in the US”, and genetically engineered corn accounts for “roughly 85% of all corn” (Hirshberg Online). There are many controversial opinions on GMOs. Some people believe they are causing health fatalities and they cannot be trusted. However, there are also many opinions stating that GMOs are the same as any other foods on the market, and they pose no risks to our health. Genetically engineered foods are safe and nutritious. The amount of people who safely consume these foods greatly outweigh the few allergic reactions that are not proven to be directly caused by the GMOs. There are no new allergens that created from GMOs. The FDA regulates these foods and they are being constantly tested, test results regularly show that they are safe.

Genetically modified are not any more risky than other foods on the market. Genetically engineered foods are required to be just as safe “as foods from traditionally bred plants.” The same safety standards are applied and used when testing food safety. There is a process through the FDA that allows genetically engineered plants to be reviewed before they are put out on the market (US Food…

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