Four Generals In The Civil War Essay

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Gods and Generals centralizes around the involvement of four generals during the Civil War, Lee, Jackson, Chamberlain, and Hancock. Each general is intrinsically motivated by their own personal crisis, which leads them to choose a side to fight for. Some are Unionists, while others are sectionalists. Lee and Jackson sided with the Confederacy while Chamberlain and Hancock sided with the Union. Beginning with John Brown 's raid of Harper’s Ferry, America was hurling into a war. Lincoln 's presidential victory increased the south’s animosity. President Lincoln, a Republican, caused fear to arise in the south because Republicans stood on the grounds of no expansion of slavery in the Mexican cession territory. The threat of secession was becoming …show more content…
General “Stonewall” Jackson led the Confederacy to victory. From the start of the rivalry, if war were to break out, the North was in favor to win quickly and easily due to their industrialized lifestyle and well-developed economy. Before General Lee decided to side with the Confederacy, he said, “Lieutenant Green, I want you to pick out a dozen men, good men… I will prepare a message to the insurrectionists, which you will deliver. When they accept the terms, the marines will move in quickly and subdue the men, removing their weapons. Once they understand the hopelessness of their situation, this should end quickly” (Shaara 45). The government was presumptuous in thinking this war would be short and effortless. The First Battle of Bull Run proved to the North that the South was a force to be reckoned with. “After the battle both sides seemed infected with a gloom, a sense that this was now very real, the abstract political rhetoric replaced with the clear, sickening knowledge that many men were going to die” (Shaara 154). It was a turning point for the Southerners because they fought as the underdog and their first major victory against the stronger unit gave them hope. It also struck the Northerners because they waltzed into battle thinking there would be minimal if any bloodshed but the Southerners proved their strength and commitment. This event was momentous in American history because it was the second time the underdogs won against an imperial power. The first was the American Revolution against the almighty British nation. The British were ensured to win but the Americans pulled through and gained their independence. The First Battle of Bull Run was yet another example of the underdog’s potential at

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