Menstruatio Patriarchy Research Paper

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There are stereotypes all around us express every day; for example, “all blonds are unintelligent”. There are many stereotypes about women, but the reality is that some women are brave, objective, passionate, visionary, realistic, honest, intelligent, supportive, creative, inspiring, communicative, optimistic and respectable. There is not exactly one type of women, stereotypes are hurtful to all hard-working women, who try to succeed and leave poverty or maltreatment. In reality, women can develop their jobs as well as man can. Gender roles and sexuality are big concerns of our society. Father’s genetic contribution determines the sex of the baby, because women have two X chromosomes and the men have the X and the Y chromosomes. The father is the only one who has the Y chromosome to transmit and determine a baby’s sex. This is a usual argument that in Peru men give to women to show that the importance of women are less than the importance that men have in society. Taboos about women and men vary according to the place where people live. For example, in some societies …show more content…
Even in the 21st century, men act like “machos” when they hit, abuse, and control women. Men feel superior and they believe women are the weaker sex, but also it depends on women to try to change this ideology. I believe women have to fight for gender equality but not with violence; women should work, go to college and stop domestic violence by going to the police if they are hit. Women can change stereotypes by getting some education about gender equality. Gender roles have been changing. First the traditional place of the women was the home, but now women work as much as men and women are not considered weak anymore. Women should demand equality defending it with knowledge because knowledge is power. Now is the time where women’s voice should be

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