Differences In Gender Standards

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Prejudice between genders has always been a prevalent issue in society. There have always been simple and more complicated differences between the two genders related to standards that each must adhere to. These contrasting standards have become more relevant as the idea of gender has changed in the last couple years. The society places more pressure on women’s standards physically and emotionally whereas men are not as heavily criticized showing that as much as society has progressed in terms of gender roles, outdated ideas are still ingrained into peoples minds.

Standards have been placed on women regarding their physical aspect. This includes their physical appearance and how they must act in public. Women have always been told how to
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Women are expected to have certain characteristics that will define that they are infact a female. These standards are impractical as they range from all ends of a spectrum and are expected to be true in all different kinds of women. For example, a women must be, “intensely sympathetic,” , “immensely charming,” , “utterly unselfish,” and above all, “pure,” (angel). These characteristics should encompass all that a woman is emotionally according to the public and men. In modern times, these standards still have power. Women are expected to act or be more “innocent” than men and they are not supposed to speak their mind to the extent of the males. This is evident in media as there are many female singers who sing about the same topic as male singers but only the women is criticized for speaking her mind about a certain subject area. Along with the idea that women are supposed to act more innocent and unaware, many of these women put up a good front. Beth Kendrick talks about how the Bennet girls from pride and prejudice are putting up a front (Petticoat). Elizabeth pretends that she is not completely humiliated by her mother’s actions and words and Jane pretends that she is not in love with Mr. Bingley. Both of these women are putting up a good front to show that they are in fact civilized and proper. The men in this novel are not reprimanded when they speak their mind like the women. Although this was true during the time this book took place, it is still relevant today. There are also standards for women to be considered an accomplished woman. According to the characters in Pride and Prejudice, an accomplished woman must have, “a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing,” and she must possess a certain, “manner of walking,” and tone of voice (32). This list defines what a women must possess to be proper and worth being acquainted with. Compared to women, men do not have

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