The Importance Of Gender Equality

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Register to read the introduction… Women politicians are increasing around the world. They represent the women and ask for the rights and protections for the women in the society. When more women join the politic, more organizations will be set up to protect the rights of women such as providing jobs, healthcare and food to some of the women that do not enjoy those rights. Besides that, women also get involve in debating new laws for the society. This has increase the democracy principle of many of the democratic country that concerned about the equality before the law. Women politician can voice out the women’s perspective on certain new law made by the government whether it infringes the rights of the women or not. Women politicians also pressure the government to set up more facilities for the women in government budget. These show that women are no longer silence and acting no important roles to the society. By protecting women rights, government will also take the women politician’s suggestions into considerations and provide them with better facilities if it is approved. For example, the women-only coach in Malaysia’s train provides women with better safety transportation. Women will not need to purchase a car because of safety concerned and their money can be saved to spend on other type of investment to generate more …show more content…
However, in the recent years, it slowly improves. But, despite the improvement from poverty, “South Asia continues to live under poor economic management with high fiscal deficit and public debt soaring inflation, and significant unemployment and under-employment in the informal sector.” (Dawn Newspaper, 2012) Although poverty has reduced, poor people are still at high as half a billion of the people in South Asia. This shows that South Asia government has made the economic improving, but not the development. It is not necessarily that a country with economic growth would have higher development. Country with economic growth has the ability to produce more goods in the country itself and the many people will have higher income to better afford the environmental caring product. This is one of the sign that reduces poverty. However, it is not necessary that after people in South Asia have high income, they would concern about the environment. Although the poverty and inequality reduces, the discrimination and bias between the people will still exists. Dr Haq states that South Asia was a home to nearly 400 million illiterate adults, of which 250 million were women. Over 160 million people in South Asia have no access to drinking water, and another one billion of people do not have access to sanitation services. Although South Asia is having growth, but many of the small components that made up the poverty have not taken into consideration by the government. There are still people who could not read a book or sign their names, no access to health services, no access to safe water, and the rate of dying early did not fall. This will cause South Asia to have another round of poverty and this may stop the further growth in the

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