Naturism And Gender Equality

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Many people, including sexists and naturists, believe that there have already been sufficient changes made in the educational system, and that there are not many ways in which it can still be improved in regards to gender equality. Male and female students attend the same schools, learn the same material, and have the same opportunities to receive help or ask questions. They believe that in terms of providing an equal educational experience, the current system is as good as it can possibly get. These people, especially sexists, believe that the reason men seem to be favored in the classroom, and the reason that men score higher on tests, is solely because men are inherently smarter than women. They believe that biological factors, not social …show more content…
While it is true that male and female students attend the same schools, and learn the same curriculum, it does not guarantee that their educational experience is equal. Each student, regardless of their gender, learns and processes information in their own unique way. This idea also holds true when examining how male and female students learn information compared to one another. Male and female students do not process information and engage in learning in the exact same way, so how is treating them exactly the same considered equal? In the current educational system, the way classes are taught tend to favor the ways in which male students are accustomed to learning. Even though male and female students are literally taught in the same way, equal education is not the result. Tannen expresses that “treating people the same is not equal treatment if they are not the same” (Tannen 373). Another major flaw in the arguments brought up by sexists and naturists is that it has been proven that males and females have very similar intellectual capabilities. In the past, women were not able to show what they were capable of, partially because they were denied education, and also because it was just assumed that they were less intelligent than men. Now that men and women are thought of as equal in society, women have been able to prove that they are …show more content…
The changes that need to be made to the current system are not nearly as extensive as some of the changes in the past, such as integrating black and white students in the same school. While these changes may be relatively small, they are still extremely important in ensuring that all students receive equal education. If both male and female students are presented with an equal educational experience, and are both encouraged to reach their full potential, then the world will benefit in extraordinary ways. Technological advancements, medical discoveries, scientific findings, and many more amazing things could all be in the near future if we allow young scholars, male and female, to learn without limitations, and with nothing holding them back but themselves. We as a society need to strive to create gender neutral classrooms in which all students can learn, and thrive in. Change does not happen over night, but it must start to happen eventually, and there is no time like the

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