The Importance Of Gazing Behavior In Nonverbal Communication

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Register to read the introduction… 146). Gazing behavior is considered to be the most important in nonverbal communication above the rest (Segal, Smith, Boose, & Jaffe, 2014). People communicate with their eyes more than any other part of their anatomy (Borg). Eye contact can show interest when someone is talking, showing affection, hostility, and attraction (Borg). With the belief that the face can tell someone more than any words spoken it is only a fair observation that the eyes reveal the most information (Borg). Gazing behavior is used to show someone that they are liked, to show control with a longer look, direct conversations and regulate interaction, and provide mood and character information like credibility and competence …show more content…
Body movements consist from the neck down and there are many different meanings due to there being many different body movements such as straight posture is a sign of authority (Miller, 2012, pp. 146-147). People can also be read by the way that they take a seat, stroll, stand-up, and even in the way they hold their head (Segal, Smith, Boose, & Jaffe, 2014). Body movements are not considered universal like facial expressions (Miller, 2012, p. 147).
Touching communicates massive amounts in nonverbal communication (Segal, Smith, Boose, & Jaffe, 2014). Nonverbal communication through touch can have many meanings like the different types of touch show power by a firm or weak handshake, sincere bear hug, affection by rubbing someone’s arm, compassion by giving light pats, repulsion by pushing someone away, and rage is displayed by hitting (Miller, 2012, p. 147). Touching is usually only done in close relationships other than for business
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If he is pushing his torso back, his shoulders straight, no smile, and an expressionless face he does not want to close the distance between them G. He has his hands on his sides with a foot pointed out to the side this is saying that he is trying to appear interested but his foot says otherwise he really just wants to leave H. If both of his feet are pointed away from her he is definitely not interested and most likely his feet are aimed at the object of his interest (Winter, 2014).
With these helpful nonverbal communication hints it would be simple to weed out the false hopes that plague the dating world. Finding the right person may consist of kissing a bunch of frogs, but learning body language can teach someone which frogs are worth kissing and which ones are not. Men and women struggle in the dating world everyday so it is okay to find a way to get out of the fire and back into the pan. When people take the time to read the subtle signs of body language it can save massive amounts of wasted time, boredom, and broken hearts while searching for the right mate.

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