The Importance Of Gang Violence In Jamaica

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Register to read the introduction… Thus the wealthiest 10% consumed more that 12.5 times of the poorest 10%.

Criminal activity

With inequalities such as this, it is not too hard to believe that Kingston’s reputation as a place of violence ranks third in the world. Gang violence and shootings occur regularly in inner-city areas of Kingston. Some inner-city neighborhoods are occasionally subject to curfews and police searches. Impromptu street protests sometimes occur, during which demonstrators often construct roadblocks or otherwise block the streets.

The Honorable Percival Patterson - Prime minist of Jamaica 1992-PresentThe Prime Minister of the Island, The Honorable Percival Patterson, aimed to curb violence with several crime fighting plans. One of these plans includes a “Crime Stop” operation where the communication with the public and the police is increased. This program rewards persons who inform the police on criminal activity that leads to an
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