The Importance Of Future College Students

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I am writing you this letter to express my concern about an issue regarding future college students, as myself. This issue is one that affects the probability of a student being admitted into college which I may have to face shortly. As I am aware, you are against affirmative action as I am too. I do not propose to sit here and waste your time about why affirmative action is good or bad but rather propose a compromise between the two sides. Affirmative action has its positives and its negatives as does everything but does one side outweigh the other; does discriminating against the majority justify expanding cultural diversity in the student body? Or should minority students be left to deal with applying to colleges without any help? This has been a very controversial issue since the University of California v. Bakke in 1978 (Gruhi, “The Impact of the Bakke Decision”) that has not been solved yet. This issue is one that can end up affecting various amounts of people but primarily: future college students, the institutes that they will be applying to and the field of work they will go into. I suggest making an admission process that focuses mainly on test …show more content…
As research has shown, it is important to “remember that we are a complex mix of academic, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional dimensions. All of these components have “to be acknowledged and nurtured to maintain an adequate equilibrium for effective functioning” (Rutgers, “Balancing for Life”). It is important for a student to focus on academics but it is also necessary for them to be in control of their personal life and balance it with the social and mental aspect of their life so they are able to release stress; all of which will reflect on their academic

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