The Importance Of Funding For ADA

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ADA collection is the main source of funding for PAL. PAL’s funding isn’t based on seat attendance. Its funding is based on the collection of work for each 20 day period. These funds support the financial stability of PAL. If ADA isn’t collected and documented proficiently, school funds are reduced. This reduction may result in a cut in wages, a cut in supplies, a cut in programs, and a cut in staff. Therefore, ADA collection and documentation is a critical component of PAL. Please thoroughly review the handout provided during orientation. Here are some key points mentioned in our meeting.
• PAL has an annual ADA audit. If there are issues, claimed funds will be deducted from PAL’s funding.
• Please do not use white-out or cross out students’
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• Please collect multiple pieces of ADA to ensure you have ADA. Your original ADA piece could contain errors or might get misplaced. If there are any issues, another ADA piece will be required.
• It is highly recommended that you copy the ADA you turn. Your ADA supports your final grades and your bulk work files. You must turn in your bulk work files at the end of each quarter. You bulk work files must support the grades you submit.
The ADA Collection Process
• Collect work daily/weekly to ensure you don’t miss a student and to ensure that you have multiple pieces of ADA when needed (Here’s a tip. -- Prepare a manila folder for each class with a roster attached. Highlight your roster to track the ADA you have collected. This will help you quickly identify who you haven’t received ADA from).
• Review the ADA to make sure the assignment is valid (first and last name, class title, class period, a date that reflects the 20 day period, and the instructor/teacher’s name).
• On the bottom right corner of the assignment, write the grade (A, B, C, etc.) and sign your name.
• Make a copy of your ADA to support your bulk file and final
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Nicole, Mrs. Elizabeth, Mr. Smith, and Mrs. Forte a copy of your lesson plan for each class. This lesson plan should reflect what you will be working on and what you may possibly submit for your ADA collection. Please email it in an Excel format. You will need to complete one for each class you’re teaching. The compliance office needs this information to place in your learning log for the entire year. You may use the Edmentum pacing guide or create your own custom plan. Please add the words Supplemental Materials in each section of your 20-day plan. It will support ADA assignments that might not match what you have listed in your lesson plan for ADA submission. These details will be added to your learning logs for each 20 day period. (A specific due date and any additional details will be provided by Mrs. Nicole and the compliance

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