The Importance Of Friendship Over A Relationships

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Register to read the introduction… Even your best friendships will eventually suffer if you continue on this path. Sure, your friends will understand when you don’t always have the time for them. However, if you start to shut them out of your life completely, you will lose friends fast, even the best ones. And this leads you to what we usually call it ‘FO or friendship over’. And that is really a big problem. Choosing between your friends or love ones, it’s hard to choose, right? Absolutely, YES! *Fourth slide ppt* But would you risk a strong friendship over a relationship? Yes? No? Maybe?
*Another question, did you ever experience that you feel like alone in your barkada because all of them are so busy with their own love life? It hurts, right? Being alone and it’s like being left behind. And because of this, the conflict with your friendship will begin. Okay.
*First, if you are so in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and your friends or barkada doesn’t like him/her, and with that you will be forced to choose between them, right? Who will you choose? Of course, you are confused but most of you will choose your boyfriend or girlfriend, am I correct? Because of the obsession that you think you can’t live a day without

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