Personal Narrative-Lack Of Communication Throughout My Life

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Throughout our life we meet many different people. Some may not matter and are just passing strangers, but there comes a point when you find a few select individuals that seem to spark interest within you. These people can come from a vast amount of backgrounds with similar and different likes. These people are called friends and they help us get through everyday life by comforting us, hanging out, and celebrating the finer things in life. As we accumulate more and more friends our lives also progress. We make most of our friends during our high school and college years where there are an abundance of like-minded and similar aged individuals. Although, as time passes we seem to drift apart taking our own paths and becoming what we mold ourselves to. As we take our courses through life our friends may not take quite the same path we may resulting in taking us to different areas of the world. This makes it difficult at times to keep our ties close with those we hold dear as friends. Therefore we must, in one way or another, keep the ties tight if we choose so. Through my life I have made many …show more content…
Lack of communication, not accepting the choices of my friends, and not showing enough effort to have a mutual relationship were the things that really made or broke the relationships I had with former friends I saw as people I wanted to bring along in my life. Looking back I may have subconsciously known, but this paper has given me a chance to put my inner thoughts on a canvas to share with those who may struggle with keeping friends once considered very close. These not only caused me to figure what I was doing wrong and realize how much it has affected me it has also caused me to become a healthier person and better friend to those who I hold dear to me as friends presently. Sometimes writing out your thoughts can reveal a lot about how you can change for the

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