The Importance Of Freedom On The Internet

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Register to read the introduction… Where mail has been opened, where homes have been broken into. Where infiltration has occurred in political groups. Informants have been used, misused. People's lives have been ruined. People have committed suicide because of the pressures brought against them by the government, by these kinds of secret intelligence agencies” (Moyers).
We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for we have allowed these technologies to be used against us. Instead of searching and fighting for ways to end crisis’ that we as humans experience all over the world, Americans frequently use the internet and devices previously mentioned to do nothing. We waste away the day surfing the internet to further our international consumerism, instead of supporting our American made brands. Instead of educating oneself on the contentions of our government and its interactions with other countries, we tune into useless celebrity gossip and play mind-numbing games. Instead of becoming a powerful and educated people, we are becoming dumber by the minute.
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Just as the European settlers long ago sought freedom from religious persecution and desired to live in such a way that was no longer harmful or degrading, regardless of class, so should we fight for our freedom to exist in this internet realm without fallacy. It is a way for all people to spread truth and unify our desires of which our government should run for the benefit of its people. NO longer should we lay in wait for our governing body to tell us how to live, instead we must regain control, and use these new technologies of today to elevate us to our fullest potential as a New World Super

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