Essay On Freedom In College

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During my time in high school, I looked forward to the day where I would receive my diploma and finally be done with doing the same routine every day. I was eager to experience the independence and sense control that came with planning my own schedule. Little did I know that with this new freedom would come an increased amount of responsibility. During my first few weeks at Purdue I realized that the biggest difference between high school and college was that there was no one there to supervise what you did in your spare time. I realized that I needed to change the way I managed my time in order to maintain good grades and balance the work in all of my classes.
Throughout my four years of high school I didn’t appreciate the daily schedule that had already been planned out for me, but I found myself missing this in my first few weeks in college. My high school was structured in a way where I would go to the same seven classes every day. In every class I knew to expect to have an assignment done for the following day of school, and I had little time to procrastinate homework assignments. Class sizes tended to be smaller, giving teachers the opportunity to learn the names and faces of the students in their class. This came in handy if I ever missed a day of class. It was easy for me to go to my teacher and ask for any materials that I might
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Once my classes began, I realized that I indeed did have more independence than I was used to, but I also learned that more independence also meant more responsibility. You come to college to get an education in a field that you feel passionate about, but you also learn how to assume responsibility for yourself. In my first year at Purdue I learned that I am considered an adult and I will be treated as such. I no longer received reminders from my mom or my teachers, it was my responsibility to make sure my work was

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