The Importance Of Free Play Essay

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The Importance of Free Play In our fast-paced and rapidly evolving society, the pressure for parents to raise super-genius, multitalented, well-rounded kids is at an all-time high. In a culture where it seems that being average is no longer considered sufficient, parents often feel the impending pressure of ensuring that their child is extraordinary by making sure to give their children a head start. Consequently, many parents worry that their kids might be wasting time “just playing” when they could be participating in intellectually stimulating activities that promote pre-reading or math skills. Adding to the hype, the media often exaggerates scientific findings flooding parents with the idea that they need to provide their children with the best enrichment activities and toys specifically designed to ensure intellectual growth. With good intentions, many parents begin turning away from “old-fashioned play” towards more structured schedules packed-full of enriching activities. In an effort to intellectually prepare their children, parents may push educational enrichment and turn the focus away from play as they worry their child will fall behind. Thus, as this issue is a growing concern for parents, it raises the question: what is the point of play? Why is free play important to the development of a child and what benefits are there to play that organized activities cannot provide? Before fully understanding the benefits of free play, it is important to distinguish…

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