Free Money Benefits

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Take advantage of the opportunities Money is always around peoples life’s to receive money people have to earn it, but for High school students they have the opportunity to win free money just by applying. Free money is what students enjoy receiving. Free money equals opportunities for students. Free money benefits students’ education more than ever. Opportunities are the things what students need in order to succeed or to advance in life. Scholarships are the answer for free money and opportunities it benefits students future education and life and it boosts their confidence on entering any College or University. Even though, only some students could earn any scholarships, students should be one hundred percent committed in receiving one …show more content…
Knowing that students had received awarded scholarships colleges and university will highly grasp on to students because they know for a fact that students proven academic success, beyond good grades, show leadership skills, potential success, commitment, and professional ready. However, the more scholarships students receive the more favorable colleges will students apply for. A young 17 year old teenage boy name Alijah Nelson grew up with incarcerated parents. He had no hope on going to college because he was very confounded on how to afford college until he started searching up local scholarships. He found an organization that awards scholarships for children of incarcerate parents that absolutely caught his full attention. He wrote an essay about how his parents landed in prison after dealing drugs out of the family’s St. Louis apartment as part of his scholarship application. Nelson was one of the 8th students who won the scholarship. He used the scholarship to attend to Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. He once said, “The Ava’s Grace Scholarship is important to me mainly because I’m a first generation student and it helps me overcome the financial barrier of higher education that can scare most people away. It’s a meaningful scholarship because my parent’s incarceration time was a turning pivotal point in my life,” Nelson said. “Also to be rewarded for overcoming such a barrier means a lot.” Scholarships opens door for students who are really looking for achievements just like Alijah Nelson who had a hard time, but yet accomplish his dream by continuing school with the struggle of his incarcerated

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