The Importance Of Foundations For Special Education Services: Writing A Philosophy

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SPED 310 Foundations for Special Education Services: “Writing a Philosophy”
The importance of having an education philosophy, services you with building relationship and being a role model by developing a sense of sensitivity for the needs of the students that you may work with along the way and setting an example for them to be one day. Having an educational philosophy can build a stronger understanding for your own values in education and aid your reasoning for being a teacher in the first place. Another reason to have a philosophy is to have the ability to better understand and appreciate what the role of a teacher truly is in student’s life. Also, when it comes time to applying for jobs having a personal philosophy provides employers with
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10), meaning that if a student has special needs it is up to the teacher to develop different interactive ways to accommodate to that students learning style to help them be successful in the classroom just like the rest of the students. Special education has made huge advancements in time, moving away from terms such as idiots and insane; but now we have an understanding of what the children are going through. The children that were labeled “idiots” and “insane” could have an intellectual disability or an emotional disorder. Now we are at this point where special education is working to mainstream or trying for inclusion. The student will start by mainstreaming in a regular classroom or activity where he/she will get to spend that time with their peers for maybe lunch and art; whereas inclusion, is when a student with special needs works in the regular classroom and the special needs services go to the child. Teachers start with mainstreaming and slowly work the student towards inclusion, because inclusion is the ultimate goal for students with special …show more content…
If the teachers aren’t able to develop a sense of communication together when figuring out solutions for a student, then it effects the students’ needs for success. The general and special education teachers must come up with ways to accommodate to the students learning style that will be best beneficial for that student. The general teacher needs to know what works best for the student and how she can rearrange her class to help that student. While the special education teacher has to talk to the general teacher and give them their inside on the student. With both teachers working together the student has the best chance to be successful. As for expectations for special educators, not only do they have to uphold the expectations for teachers, but they have to also instruct students who have learning problems. Making sure that the student is improving, manage serious behavioral problems, be up to date with technology and being able to integrate technology appropriately in their classroom. They have to be able to know the special education law so they are not violating their students’ rights, but also protect them at the same time. Special education teachers have to be ready for anything that comes their way, because something could go wrong at

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