The Importance Of Foster Care Services For Children And Providing Their Basic Needs

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Like orphanages, foster care services are not perfect. They come with several long-term effects that can be detrimental to the child for the rest of their life. Children often suffer from abandonment issues, and lack the self-confidence and drive to succeed in the outside world. The foster care system, while still caring for children and providing their basic needs works differently than an orphanage. Most children entering into the foster care system do have living relatives, but it has deemed unsafe for the child to remain in the home due to abuse or neglect. Often their families face issues such as illness, alcohol or drug addiction or homelessness (Facts and Statistics 2011). The child will enter foster care in the custody of the Department of Social Services by court order. The purpose of foster care services is to provide a safe temporary placement for a child, with the ultimate goal to reunite the child with the biological parent, but if this is not possible the goal is for the child to be adopted, yet in around 20% of children in foster care never get reunited with the biological families or get adopted. These children simply age out. Within 4 years of removal 61% of children ages 3 to 5 were adopted, while only 5% of children 15-18 get adopted (Barnes, Whitted 2011). The children in the foster care system, whether in for a few months and their whole lives suffer from emotional trauma and tend to have emotional disorders, due to the lack of a long-term healthy…

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